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On Sept. 13, 1963, Mary Kay Ash created a Company that allows women to achieve open-ended success. She also wanted that Company to be guided by principles and values. Mary Kay believed in the Golden Rule – treat others the way you want to be treated. She believed that only by helping others could your dreams come true. So she designed a career path based not solely on the goals you can achieve but also on the goals you can help other women achieve. It’s this formula for success that sets the Mary Kay opportunity apart.

Mary Kay’s mission is to enrich women’s lives. As one of the most successful, global direct-selling companies, Mary Kay provides millions of women with a unique business opportunity in more than 35 markets worldwide. Quite simply, the opportunity encourages building a successful independent business while living a balanced life – a philosophy that continues to thrive more than four decades after the Company’s founding. In fact, Mary Kay Ash often said, “My priorities have always been God first, family second, career third. I have found that when I put my life in this order, everything seems to work out.” 


Born in rural Texas at the end of World War I, Mary Kay spent her childhood keeping house and caring for her sick father while her mother supported the family. Years later, as a single mother at a time when very few women worked outside the home, Mary Kay was determined to pursue her professional goals. Twenty-five years later, after she retired from as successful career in direct selling, Mary Kay – a middle-aged grandmother – felt the call of a challenge. In founding what she termed her “dream company”, Mary Kay exceeded her own expectations and became a champion for women.  An academic study by Baylor University named her the greatest woman entrepreneur in American history, and the Wharton School of Business deemed her one of the most influential business leaders of the modern times. Mary Kay passed away in 2001.  


“I am not the sales type.”

  • Great!  This business is about building relationships and helping women look and feel great.  Pushy people do not do well in this business because women like to buy products from consultants they know, like and trust.  If you enjoy building friendships, then you can be very successful in Mary Kay.  We’re looking for honest and caring women with integrity, not “pushy sales people.”

“I don’t know many people.”

  • Great!  While friends and family are a fine place to start, we will teach you how to build a solid customer base.  Potential customers are everywhere – everyone has skin!  I began my business with 4 women and am living proof that big things can come from small beginnings!

“I am very busy.”

  • I love to work with busy women because busy women know how to get things done!  Busy women know how to prioritize.  You may not have 10 hours to work your business each week, but you may have 10 minutes three times a day to grow your business.   I, too, was busy when I began my Mary Kay business, but I saw how working my business could build my dream life, so the time I put in was well worth the effort.  If you’re motivated to use your business as a tool to build your dream life, then let’s talk about some easy time management principles that will maximize your business and keep your priorities in order.  

“I don’t have the money.”

  • Have you ever noticed that when you do not have enough money it’s all you think about?  Most women start their Mary Kay business to earn money, not because they already have a lot of it.  Let’s clarify a few things about the Starter Kit.  The price of the Starter Kit is $100 (plus tax and shipping) to get started.  I look at it as an investment that allows you to start earning income immediately.  I’d also like to point out that you have the flexibility to use MasterCard, VISA or Discover as well as a check to order your Starter kit.  Mary Kay Ash, our Company’s founder, always believed that $100 would never stand in between a woman and something she really wanted to do.  She also believed that if you did not have $100 then that was the very reason you needed this business opportunity in your life because she always wanted women to have the “extra” they needed and wanted.

 “I don’t know how to do what you do.”

  • Mary Kay consultants have numerous training resources available to them 24 hours a day!  If you are willing to learn, then you can succeed!

“I am not sure what my husband with think.”

  • I understand his opinion is important to you because my husband is very important to me.  I find that once husbands see the benefits and understand the opportunity, they’re very supportive.  I’d be happy to go over the details with him.

I believe you can be a great Mary Kay consultant, and we would love to have you in our unit.  Remember, the future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams.  Dream BIG and let’s work together to make your dreams come true!


Get together with me!

  • I can answer your questions, explain things, mentor you and give you the Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement to sign.

    (941) 545-0366

Get all the tools you need to start making money!

  • Within a few short days of signing your Agreement, you’ll receive enough products and samples to share with 30 friends at parties, plus quick and easy how-to tips and the education you need to get started – all for just $100 (plus shipping, handling and tax).

Get tons of special limited-time offers to help you run your business!

  • Right away you can get

  • FREE personalized color look ($113.50 value).*

  • FREE customer catalogs.

  • opportunities to earn FREE products.**

  • FREE business announcement e-mail.

  • FREE business cards.

Earn 50% on everything you sell!

  • With all the education available, several ways to sell and the support of other Independent Beauty Consultants, you can start earning money within days of receiving your Starter Kit. And you’re in control of how much money you make. If you just want extra money to pay some bills or indulge your love of shoes, you can. If you want more for vacations or a down payment on a car, it’s very achievable. Just think how quickly the money can add up when you’re earning 50% on everything you sell!† It’s one of the highest income earning percentages in the industry! So what are you waiting for?



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